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Sample Page Of Bizcomps® Data Base Report

Sample Page – Selected Records View – Contrs Heating Air Conditioning 1


*Key to Headings  

SIC = Small Business Industry Classification Number
NAISC = North American Industry Standard Code
BUS TYPE = Best Description of Subject Business
ASK PRICE = Asking Price (000’s) (Does not include inventory)
ANN GROSS = Annual Gross Sales (Normally Net of State Sales Tax)
SDE = Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (Net Profit Before Taxes AND ANY COMPENSATION TO OWNER plus Amortization, Depreciation, Interest, Other Non-Cash Expense and Non-Business Related Expense. (SDE Assumes One Working Owner)
SDE/GROSS SALES = Seller’s Discretionary Earnings Divided by Gross Sales
SALE DATE = Actual Date of Sale
SALE PRICE = Actual Sale Price (in 000’s) (Inventory has been deducted if it was in Sale Price)
% DOWN = Down Payment as a Percent of Sale Price
TERMS = Terms of New or Assumed Encumbrance
SALE/SALES = Sale Price Divided by Gross Sales
SALE/SDE = Sale Price Divided by Seller’s Discretionary Earnings
INV = Inventory at the Time of Sale. (in 000’s) (Inventory is not included in Sale Price)
RENT/SALES = Rent as a Percent of Sales
DAYS ON MKT = Actual Number of Days Business was on Market
FRANCHISE ROYALTY = Actual Royalty Less Advertising Percentage
FF&E = Estimate of Value of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
AREA = Region of Geographical Location of Business