Business Evaluation Systems (BES)

Now Web-Based Software

It is simple and sophisticated.

It will allow you to value a small business in four easy steps, in less than 45 minutes. You don’t need to be a financial wizard to use the program or automatically generate the 33+ page written evaluation report.

What can BES Software do for you?

Business Evaluation Systems is designed for business brokers, CPAs, business owners and consultants who need to quickly determine the value of a small business. Business Valuation Systems has been the industry standard valuation tool in the business brokerage industry for twenty years.

Value a small business in 45 minutes by:

  • Answering questions about the business (print the questionnaire to give to the owner);
  • Reviewing and assigning weights to the evaluation methods;
  • Structuring the terms of the deal;
  • Printing the detailed and comprehensive 33+ page, customizable report in Microsoft Word.


You can appraise any small business and then automatically generate a 33+ page written report that’s professional and comprehensive in less than 45 minutes. Business Evaluation Systems is a greatly enhanced version of the original Business Evaluation Systems program, which was developed by George Abraham, one of the leading creators of appraisal software for the business brokerage market. Business Evaluation Systems is the fast, easy and accurate way to put a value on a business. Over 2,000 brokers in North America use Business Evaluation Systems to appraise a business and then set an optimum selling price.


The top 9 reasons to use Business Evaluation Systems to value a small business:

1) A computer based video tutorial to get you started fast.
2) It contains an expanded post-sale cash flow analysis.
3) It provides a return on investment analysis.
4) The fully formatted, professional reports are created in Microsoft Word so they are completely customizable.
5) A step-by-step navigator to take you through the entire process.
6) A Discounted Cash Flow Module that makes appraising fast growing enterprises more accurate.
7) You do NOT have to be a financial professional to use it.
8) More business brokers use it to value small businesses than any other program.
9) You can download comparables from BIZCOMPS into Business Evaluation Systems.

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