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The BIZCOMPS® Transaction Data Base removes the marketplace
uncertainty and provides the user with detailed meaningful
financial information about these “Real World” transactions.
Since its inception BIZCOMPS® has accumulated over 25,000
transactions in the United States and Canada.

BIZCOMPS® Studies can help. It is based on Small Business Transaction Sales Data and is available in the database with over 16,000 plus transactions, with approximately 1,200 to 1,400 new transactions added each year. The Online Version is fully searchable The entire book may be printed out, or any individual page or sort. Sortings contain the Sale to Sales and the Sale to SDE ratios.

BIZCOMPS® Online Version

There are over 16,000 actual businesses sold totaling over $4.8 billion dollars. Each transaction has fields of information which the User may individually search for. When a selection of data is identified, the User may Select or Deselect each individual transaction. Arithmetic Means are calculated. The results may be printed or the data may be exported into Word or Excel.

BIZCOMPS-Online Version

BIZCOMPS® User Guide

The BIZCOMPS® User Guide was created in response to various questions the author was asked that could be better answered for both User and the author with a User Guide. The Guide also includes tips and suggestions to make the data more useful to the User. It is updated at random times during the year and the current version is always online.

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